ster sb. to do sth.缠
I was assailed with a lot of work.
Could you do me favor?可以帮我吗?
bite咬→bait诱饵 /ei/
speed to快速驶向
l    while    ┬正在进行时
├as        ┘
It is difficult to win the game.
It is difficult not to be tempted by her beauty.
make a decision to do sth.= decide to do
decide not to do决定(否定)
l    no sooner…than…一…就…
└前接had done
I had no sooner got off than I was assailed.
I had no sooner got up than I turned on TV.
└用法同no sooner…than…
l    have no intention of doing不想做…
I have no intention of going aboard, but I can’t conceal the fact that…不能掩饰的事实
l    go to great lengths to do sth.滔滔不绝
get rid of摆脱
You should get rid of the bore.讨厌鬼
┌walk towards朝我走
├get close to接近
l    closely (adv.)(思想态度)认真的,密切的
┌It is as if…(跟人无关)好象
└He acted as if…(人)好象
keep doing不断做…
throw up挥舞
l    No matter how hard I tried.无论我多努力
├How ever hard I tried.
├Mush as I tried.
└Try as I did.
l    都用现在完成时
├to this day直到今天
├Until now
├up to now
└so far至今为止
in his day
every single day表强调
l    补充习语
1. Canned laughter假笑,电视上配音的笑声
2. Catch fire发火
3. kick a habit改一个习惯(毛病)
4. fill sb’s shoes替职
5. cut sb’s throat断了…喉咙,毁了某人
6. over one’s head理解不了
7. play mind game玩心眼
Don’t play mind game.
8. snake in the grass*中的蛇,狡滑
I had a good night.睡的香