新概念英语第三册课堂笔记 第二十七课
Lesson 27 Nothing to sell and nothing to buy
It has been said that everyone lives by selling something. In the light of this statement, teachers live by selling knowledge, philosophers by selling wisdom and priests by selling spiritual comfort. Though it may be possible to measure the value of material goods in terms of money, it is extremely difficult to estimate the true value of the services which people perform for us. There are times有时候 when we would willingly give everything we possess to save our lives, yet we might grudge paying a surgeon a high fee for offering us precisely (=exactly) this service. The conditions of society are such that skills have to be paid for in the same way that goods are paid for at a shop. Everyone has something to sell.
Tramps流浪汉 seem to be the only exception to his general rule. Beggars almost sell themselves as human beings to arouse引起 the pity of passers-by. But real tramps are not beggars. They have nothing to sell and require nothing from others. In seeking independence, they do not sacrifice牺牲 their human dignity. A tramp may ask you for money, but he will never ask you to feel sorry for同情 him. He has deliberately chosen to lead the life he leads and is fully aware of the consequences. He may never be sure where the next meal is coming from, but he is free form the thousands of anxieties which afflict other people. His few material possessions make it possible使可能 for him to move from place to place with ease. By having to sleep in the open, he gets far closer to the world of nature than most of us ever do. He may hunt, beg, or steal occasionally偶尔 to keep himself alive; he may even, in times of real need, do a little work; but he will never sacrifice his freedom. We often speak of tramps with带着 contempt and put them in the same class as beggars, but how many of us can honestly say that we have not felt a little envious of their simple way of life and their freedom from care?
New words and expressions
philosopher        哲学家
wisdom            智慧
priest                牧师
spiritual            精神上的
grudge                不愿给
surgeon            外科大夫
passer(s)-by        过路人
dignity                尊严
deliberately        故意地
consequence        后果
afflict                使精神苦恼
ease                容易
nature                自然,本质
contempt            蔑视
envious            嫉妒的
Notes on the text
l    philosophy    哲学
l    intelligent聪明的├bright伶俐的
l    manual体力上的
He grudges paying those who help him.不愿付钱
l    grown-ups
He came here so later on purpose.故意的
He murdered the child intentionally.蓄意的
┌In the light of根据
└in terms of按照…说法
in view of按…观点
considering根据    ┬n.
According to根据
Considering that you are boy, I spared you.挠了你
l    passion激情
perform service for sb. (give)服务需要表演出来
There are times when…有时候
l    fee费
├prize(可抽象)high prize
fee parking lot收费停车场
His nature is such that we disbelieve him.就是这样
l    ending结局(故事)
Consequently,…    ┐
As a result,…    ┴结果,…
, he failed again
l    ease舒畅
├ease of mind舒畅的心情
├I’m at ease很轻松
└with ease = easily
┌be jealous of嫉妒(贬义)
├feel jealous of(同上)
└be envious of(褒)羡慕
l    补充习语
1. have one’s head full(脑)忙死了
I’m tied up.忙
I’m beat.累(身体)
I’m exhausted.累(体力)
2. black-letter day凶日
black Friday
3. blue Monday / love
4. red-letter day大吉大利
5. gray hairs老年人
6. brown sugar红糖
brown paper牛皮纸
7. white night不眠之夜
8. white war经济上的战争
white lie善意的谎言
9. lose ground后退,撤退
10. sitcom美国的室内情景剧
l    pay sb. +钱数
precisely = exactly
A is the only exception to this general rule.对…是个例外
arouse the pity of sb.引起…的同情
┌On doing一做某事…
├While doing正在做某事
└In doing在做某事过程中
┌ask sb. for sth.
└ask sb. to do sth.
I’m fully aware of the consequence.完全意识到结果
I’m free form worry.一点不担心
from place to place从这到那
l    By doing通过做某事
By sleeping in the open, he can get closer to Nature.睡在露天
keep oneself alive让自己活下来
in times of real need真正需要的时候
┌be free from care无忧无虑的
├be freedom from care
l    文化:美国娱乐(电视)
1. Soup Opera连续剧
2. Talk Show有名主持人的节目
3. Sitcom (8-9P.M.)
Situation Comedy情景喜剧
4. Cable TV有线电视
5. Game Show智力竞赛
6. Home Shopping Club电视购物
7. TV dinner快餐食品
pop corn爆米花
8. ABC叛国广播公司

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