Lesson 14
           A noble gangster
【New words and expressions】 生词和短语
n.   歹徒,强盗
a band of gangsters 一伙强盗
robber 抢劫犯,抢劫者;bandit强盗,土匪
brigand 强盗,土匪,盗贼,草寇;书面用语
hooligan 流氓,不良分子
hoodlum 罪犯,恶汉;口语
rascal 淘气,捣蛋鬼;口语
n.   芝加哥(美国城市)
n.   保护
protection money 保护费
protect v.: protect from
We must protect our eyes from the sunshine.
protective adj. 保护的
protector n. 保护者
protege n. 被保护者
adv. 准时地
I give him a ring and he call me back promptly
He was so sleepy that he went to sleep promptly.
on time 准时/in time 及时
punctually adv. 守时地
v.   毁掉;消灭
destroy n. 强盗毁灭,消灭,完全的摧毁
The earthquake destroyed the city./You destroyed his dream.
damage n. v.强调受损程度不很严重,可以被修复
The big clock was damaged.
break v.n. 强调弄坏,弄断
Two of the strings were broken.
spoil v. 强调把事情搅和了
spoil the party; spoil the holiday
adj. 不寻常的
remarkable adj.: unusual; uncommon; extraordinary
a remarkable event 不同寻常的事件;an extraordinary event
outstanding adj.突出的,杰出的,卓越的
Our headmaster is an outstanding youth.
distinguished adj. 杰出的,卓越的,不同非凡的
eminent adj. 显赫的,杰出的,有名的,优良的
a distinguished physicist; an eminent surgeon; an eminent judge
a distinguished layer
well-known adj. 强调众所周知的
famous adj. 因卓越的贡献和成绩而流芳百世的
She is well-known in the musical world/This is well-known fact.
He is a famous moviestar./ Luxun is famous for his articles.
notorious adj. 臭明昭著的,臭名远扬的;be famous for bad things
Hitler is notorious.
infamous adj. 身名狼藉的
renowned adj. 某人或某事以其独特的品质、个性而闻名
Hangzhou is renowned for...
n.   帮,团伙
a band of robbers 一伙强盗
mob n. 表示贬义色彩的团伙、帮派;a mob of hooligans 一伙流氓
gang n. 一伙;a gang of thieves
nest n. 窝;a nest of bandits
pack n. 团伙、帮派;a pack of hoodlums
n.   佛罗伦萨(意大利城市)
n.   (古代)城邦
v.   租出,雇给
hire out; rent out 租给
Does this firm hire out cars?
rent out 租给,雇给;主要强调出租房屋
He rent out his house to a tourist.
let 出租房屋;let his house/Please let your house to me.
hire from; rent hrom 租进来
He hired a car from us/ I rent a room from Mrs.Johnson.
hire 指短期雇佣体力劳动者
employ 指长期雇佣或聘用脑力劳动者
We employed her as our advisor.
The factory employed 500 workers.
He hired two helpers
n.   君主,诸候
n.   佛罗伦萨人
n.   葬礼
v.   奉献,题献给
dedicate to
He dedicated his first book to his mother
dedicate 献身,奉献;比devote更为正式而庄重
I devote my time to helping my students.
He dedicates his life to his motherland.
He dedicated his life to science.
n.   纪念
You have a
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