Lesson 4
   The double life of Alfred Bloggs
【New words and expressions】 生词和短语
adj. 体力的
manual work: 体力工作
mental work: 脑力工作
n.  衣领
white-collar:白领(do mental work)
bule-collar: 蓝领(do manual work)
(get) hot underthe collar:怒气冲天
v.  牺牲,献出
vt.……to give up for good purpose
sacrifice one's life for the country
sacrifice time
make many sacrifices
n.  好处
特权(special right)
sacrifice one's advantage/privilege
give sb.the privilege of doing sth.
n.  清洁工
n.  公司
n.  工作服
n.  淋浴
n.  秘密
a. keep secret:保密
It's between you and me.
I'll keep it to myself.
in secret:私下里
=secretly,in private,privately
I was told about it in secret.
in the secret:知道内情
He was in the secret form the beginning
n.  地位
=social position
Listen to the tape then answer the question below.
Why did Alf want a white-collar job?
    These days, people who do manual work often receive far more money than people who work in offices. People who work in offices are frequently referred to as "white-collar workers' for the simple reason that they usually wear a collar and tie to go to work. Such is human nature, that a great many people are often willing to sacrifice higher pay for the privilege of becoming white-collar workers. This can give rise to curious situations, as it did in the case of Alfred Bloggs who worked as a dustman for the Ellesmere Corporation.
    When he got married, Alf was too embarrassed to say anything to his wife about his job. He simply told her that he worked for the Corporation. Every morning, he left home dressed in a smart black suit. He then changed into overalls and spent the next eight hours as a dustman. Before returning home at night. He took a shower and changed back into his suit. Alf did this for over two years and his fellow dustmen kept his secret Alf's wife has never discovered that she married a dustman and she never will, for Alf has just found another job. He will soon be working in an office. He will be earning only half as much as he used to, but he feels that his rise in status is well worth the loss of money. From now on, he will wear a suit all day and others will call him 'Mr. Bloggs', not 'Alf'.

people who do manual work=>blue-collar workers
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