Lesson 3
          An unknown goddess
【New words and expressions】 生词和短语
n.   女神
n.   考古学家
adj. 爱玲海的
v.   考察,勘探
The archaeologists are exploring the cave.
exploration n.
explorer n. 探险家
n.   海角
adj. (经济上)繁荣的,昌盛的
our finance is prosperous
thriving 昌盛的,兴旺的
booming  蓬勃的,景气的
flourishing  繁茂的,健康的
n.   文明
high level of civilization
civilize v.
n.   楼层
n.   排水
n.   祟拜
Who do you worship in the world?
warship n. 军舰战船
adj. 宗教的,神圣的
holy adj. 神圣的,圣洁的
solemn adj. 庄严的,庄重的
sacred music 圣乐
sacred promise 神圣的诺言
n.   碎片
n.   遗物,遗迹,废墟
adj. (希腊和罗马)古化的
classical music 古典音乐
classical education  人文科学教育
classic adj. 第一流的
This is the classic example of love at the first sight.
classic n. 杰作,经典之作
v.   修复
construct 构造,建造,组织
build house 造建造物
put up a tent
construct a sentence
construct a broken statuary
erect: build high buildings
erect monument 建造纪念碑
erect clock tower 建造钟楼
setup; establish; found 建立
setup students' union
establish a school/rule
found a country
construction n.
constructive adj. 有教育意义的
constructor n.
v.   倚放,放置
n.   屁股,臀部
hip n. [口]在服用兴奋剂、宗教信仰方面赶时髦的人;消息灵通人士;adj.通晓的,见闻广的
Mary is a real hip.
The guy isn't a hip.
joined at the hip  表示交情极厚的
Eg.: These two are joined at the hip.
shoot from the hip 信口开河
Eg.:Sorry,I said that I shouldn't have shot from the hip.
adj. (裙衣)拖地长的
a full-length dress 拽地长裙
adj. 优雅的
a graceful lady
n.   身份
Listen to the tape then answer the question below.
How did the archaeologists know that the statue was a goddess?
    Some time ago, and interesting discovery was made by archaeologists on the Aegean island of Kea. An American team explored a temple which stands in an ancient city on the promontory of Ayia Irini. The city at one time must have been prosperous, for it enjoyed a high level of civilization. Houses -- often three storeys high -- were built of stone. They had large rooms with beautifully decorated walls. The city was equipped with a drainage system, for a great many clay pipes were found beneath the narrow streets.
    The temple whi
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