Are you fooled?
Office pranks are good for morale and could even help reduce stress, a new report has claimed.
Playing a practical joke on a colleague could encourage creativity and improve team-working, according to jobsite
That's good news for office jokers everywhere on this April Fool's Day.
Some of the most popular pranks include unplugging a keyboard and moving the contents of a desk to another part of the office, the report said.
Wrongly telling a colleague it's 'Hawaiian shirt day' was another favourite which could cause hilarity in the workplace.
"April Fool's Day is the most light-hearted day of the year," said Sarah Drew, general manager of
"It's a day when anything goes and strict protocol takes a back seat.
"When people come together to create a prank, it encourages creativity, teamwork and gives the office a shared experience outside of the workload."
But a Canadian survey done ahead of April Fool's Day also showed that pranks taken too far can damage careers, even though almost half of Canadians believe jokes are accepted in the workplace and that humor is a good way to relieve the pressure and stress of their jobs.
If a prank ends up costing the company in terms of money, injuries or a staff member's dismissal then it has gone too far.

practical joke:恶作剧
Hawaiian shirt day: slang term for a business casual day便服日;例如:Hey, don't forget, we don't have to wear ties tomorrow. It's Hawaiian shirt day.)
anything goes:万事皆可