c police are
sometimes very polite. during a holiday in sweden, i found this
not on my car:‘sir, we welcome you to our city. this is a “no
parking” area. you will enjoy your stay here if you pay attention
to out street signs. this note is only a reminder.’if you receive a
request like this you cannot fail to obey it!
☆in the wrong place
wrong 不合适的
right 合适的 he is the wrong / right person who you are looking for .
☆ however 然而,在写作中常用
however 放在句首或句中都可以,经常用逗号隔开(转折性语气较弱)
but 习惯放在两个句子之间(转折性语气较强)
☆ You will enjoy your stay here.(要求背过)
Enjoy your stay here.=Have a good time.
★key structures
eg : if he is sleeping, don’t wake him up.
☆if 引导的叫条件,without 后面引导的也叫条件
without + n. 如果没有 起了条件的作用
without water, fish can’t live.
★special difficulties
☆police 一定会作复数看待
☆ pay attention to ; care ; take care of ; look after
pay attention to 在思想上注意 notice =see(眼睛看)
care 关心;在意
eg : i don’t care / who care. 我不在乎。
take care of / look after 照顾,照料
☆remind ; remember
remind 提醒;提示
remind sb of sth
remind sb to do sth
remember 记住,记得
remember to do sth 记得去做某事
remenber doing sth 记得已经做了某事
送行Good bye!
Have you enjoy your stay here?
Remember me to your family.
be worried about:为……担心
My house worries me.我的房子让我担心。
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