Lesson 58 What’s the time?
  He usually shaves at 7:00 o’clock, but today, he is shaving at 8:00.
  Lesson 59 Is that all? 就这些吗?
  新单词:envelope、writing paper、shop assistant、size、pad、glue、chalk、change
  writing paper 是不可数的
  large size/small size/special size/medium size/pocket size/portable size
  pad(可数)、glue(不可数):a bottle of gule
  chalk(不可数) a piece of chalk/two pieces of chalk
  change v.&n. 改变
  change one’s mind:改变某人的想法、主意
  change into/turn into:改变
  The wizard changed the fog into a beautiful princess. (完全、彻底地改变)
  I have been working hard for so many years to turn my dream into reality. (同一件事情的延续)
  ★ Text
  I want some envelopes, please.
  Do you want the large size or the small size?
  The large size, please.
  Do you have any writing paper?
  Yes, we do.
  I don’t have any small pads.
  I only have large ones.
  Do you want a pad?
  Yes, please.
  And I want some glue.
  A bottle of glue.
  And I want a large box of chalk, too.
  I only have small boxes.
  Do you want one?
  No, thank you.
  Is that all?
  That’s all, thank you.
  What else do you want?
  I want my change.
  What else/Where else/Who else
  What else does the lady want?
  I’m going to H.K. next week. Where else are you going to go?
  I was talking to that lady just now. Who else do you want to talk?
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