Should one expect a reward when doing a good deed

When asked about whether or not one should expect a reward when doing a good deed, different people hold different views. Some argue that there should be a reward for a good deed. They explain that without proper and proportionate reward, those who have done good deeds may sometimes find themselves in various dilemmas. For example, in order to help the needed, they often have to sacrifice a large part of their own income and lost of the days in poverty.
However, others counter -should learn from Lei Feng to help others, without ever asking tor any reward. According to them, helping others is, in fact, an indispensable part of our virtues, so we are obligated to help those in trouble. Besides, if we can all help each other, we can also do our bits to build up a harmonious society.

As for me, it' s neither good nor bad to expect a reward when doing a good deed. What really matters is that we should, first of all, take the initiative to help, instead of clinging to the worldly principle that "no reward, no offer" .