the country)
  投诉 lodge a complaint, register a beef
  投诉热线 dial-a-cheat confidential hotline
  投资热点 a region attractive to investors, a much-sought piece of land,
  popular investment spot
  推进国民经济信息化 try to informationize the national economy
  推进政府机构改革 restructure government institutions
  脱贫致富 cast (shake, throw) off poverty and set out on a road to
  外交豁免权 diplomatic immunity
  外商独资企业 wholly (solely ) foreign-owned enterprises
  外向型经济/城市 an export-oriented economy/a foreign-oriented city, an
  international city
  外资 overseas investment
  外资企业 foreign invested (foreign founded ,foreign financed ,foreign-
  owned) enterprises .
  下海 go into business
  小康水平 the living standards of a fairly comfortable life; a relatively
  comfortable standard of living
  消除两极分化,最终达到共同富裕 eliminate polarization and ultimately