To be a runaway bride may become more  expensive in Mexico City
Runaway brides - and grooms - in Mexico City could get stuck paying for the limo and flowers under a bill proposed by a local lawmaker.
If approved by the city assembly, the law would offer engaged couples a legal contract outlining how much a man or woman can recoup if he or she gets jilted at the altar.
The contract would stipulate reimbursements at any point the engagement is called off.
According to Mexican tradition, the bride's family absorbs most of the expenses.
"What we want is to protect the person who is being hurt, not only emotionally but also economically," said Jose Zepeda, a divorce lawyer-turned-politician. "Whoever rents a wedding hall, pays for the church, for the cake, has the right to be reimbursed."
Such contracts could "eliminate the culture of fighting," said Zepeda, who proposed the bill Friday.
Laura Gomez, a 33-year-old, bride-to-be perusing a bridal shop in downtown Mexico City, said the contracts were "a perfect idea."
They would "give more security and trust to both people involved," said Gomez.
But Pamela Montiel, a 19-year-old getting married in April, said she would never sign such an agreement. "Things like that are for immature people," she said.   (Agencies)
然而,将于今年四月结婚的19岁女孩帕米拉?蒙特尔则表示,她不会签这样的协议。她说,“那样的协议是为不成熟的人准备的。” 英语点津编辑)

get stuck: 被卡在...,被堵...
get jilted:被(情人或恋人)抛弃