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Educational loans include commercial educational loans and state educational loans with fiscal interest discounts.

1.Commercial educational loans

Commercial educational loans refer to consumer loans granted by the lender to borrowers to finance the tuition and miscellaneous fees (including the traveling expenses for going abroad) of the borrowers or the persons under their legal guardianship in studying at domestic secondary schools or ordinary higher learning institutes or for master's or doctor's degree, or studying at universities or for master's or doctor's degree outside the territory with approval.
1.State educational loans
State educational loans refer to educational loans granted by the lender to borrowers that are given fiscal interest discounts by the central financial authorities or local financial sector, and are used for the tuition and miscellaneous fees, lodging and living expenses of the borrowers in studying at domestic higher learning institutes for full-time undergraduate, professional or graduate courses.
State educational loans belong to credit loans and enjoy a 50% fiscal interest discount, and their applicants must meet the condition that the involved schools have access to state educational loans. Loans for studying abroad are currently limited to commercial loans.

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