Business lending is an important part of banking because it provides small to medium sized businesses the opportunity to grow quicker compared to self-financing. Lending to businesses is a lot more complicated than lending to an individual, because there are many variables that can affect the way a business develops. For example, a personal home loan has two main variables? The first is the borrower's ability to repay the loan and the second is the market value of the property. However, business is affected by supply and demand factors, the business management team, revenue, depreciation, taxes, loan interest, employee expenses, etc. Too much or too little of any one thing can be a problem? Business lending is essentially conducted in the same way as loans to individuals. Often referred to as a business credit line, these short-term financing facilities come in a number of different forms. Some of which include bills of exchange, letters of guarantee, etc. 商业贷款是银行业务的重要组成部分,因为它为大中型企业提供了相对自筹资金而言使企业更快发展的机会。企业贷款(商业贷款)要比个人贷款复杂得多,因为它有很多能影响企业发展方向的变数。例如,个人家庭贷款有两个主要变数。首先是借款人偿还贷款的能力,其次是财产的市值。但是企业受供需关系影响,企业管理层、收入、折旧、税务、贷款利率、雇员费用等。任何偏颇都会铸成大错。企业贷款和个人贷款的操作方式基本相同。这些短期贷款,通常称作商业信贷限额,它有多种形式,其中包括汇票、保函等。

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