The interest rate for loans of the same grade announced by the People's Bank of China applies to the interest rate for personal loans pledged by CDs/treasury bonds. The interest rate shall not float beyond the ceiling rate specified by the People's Bank of China. If the length of maturity is less than six months, the interest rate shall be that for the six month loan. For repayment before maturity date, the interest shall be calculated according to the originally set interest rate and the actual number of days of borrowing. In case the People's Bank of China adjusts the interest rate, the contracted interest rate is still adopted within the length of maturity.
Borrowers may use the loans for purchases of houses, cars and expensive consumer durables, for house refurbishing, vacation and travel, education and other consumer demands, as well as for working capital demand in normal operations.
The minimum amount of a personal loan pledged by CDs/treasury bonds is RMB1,000. The amount of the loan shall in principle not exceed 90% of the face value of the pledged CD (for deposits in foreign currencies, calculated in Renminbi translated at the current day buying rate of foreign exchange [bank note]). The maximum borrowing limit of a single loan shall in principle not exceed RMB3,000,000.
The borrowers may use cash or deposits with the Bank of China for debt service. With the consent of the lender, the borrowers may repay the principal and interest of the loans ahead of schedule.

Personal Loan Secured by CDs个人存单质押贷款(2):