Frailty, thy name is man. So said China's doctors Sunday on the eighth "Men's Health Day".

Frailty, thy name is man. So said China's doctors Sunday on the eighth "Men's Health Day".
Men in China are widely affected by bad living habits, a lack of awareness about mental and physical health issues, and a lack of exercise.
Shan Li, a psychologist with the DRM Professional Counseling, said men are more heavily burdened with "social responsibilities".
"They live in poorer 'mental circumstances' and have poorer life quality than women in general, often frustrated but don't feel free to vent their emotions," Shan said.
Zhang Kan, a psychologist, said: "Men have shorter life expectancy than women an undeniable part of the reason lies in the psychology".
Professor Gu Jun from the Shanghai University said men frequently are burdened with the pressure of work, marriage troubles, and at times difficulties with children.
Shanghai Women's Federation (SWF) found that some 20 percent of complaints it received were from men.
This has sparked calls that there was a need for a federation for men.
Other statistics show men have a general laxsidasical attitude towards health issues.
Figures from the 411 Hospital in Shanghai showed that 90 percent of men don't know they should or believe they should have an annual health check.
Twenty percent of men never do any kind of physical exercise.
Many claimed they did not want to exercise because they were busy, tired, or focused too much on other "more important" matters.
Men, more than women are also more likely drink, smoke and get ill.
A urologist with 411 Hospital said occurrences of male diseases such as prostate problems and male sterility were rising.  

(China Daily)